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About Me

Creativity, passion, expertise

My name is Paolo Moretti. I live and work in Perugia, Umbria, Italy. I am passionate about Visual Design, Noise Design, Motion Graphics and Photography. I’ve always tried to give free rein to creativity in every project, trying to combine aesthetics and style to substance and content. I work in Graphic Design from over 20 years.

As everyone knows, the graphics are the reason why there are so many wars in the world. They come in your heads with their subliminal messages, forcing you, against your will, to spend money on the worst junk, and possibly send you into depression and forcing you to random acts of violence.


In every aspect of life is important to do themselves some questions, try to understand the world around us. I consider advertising an important means to promote their products and services, but I think it is bad when it more than “creating” something beautiful, serve only to deface the walls.

The graphics tend to leave white space, unused, anywhere. Margins huge, wide spaces between letters and between words … They will tell you that they do it for readability, and so that all will have a professional, clean look. Do not believe these lies. The real reason they do it is to make the largest document with multiple pages, so that you most when you print costs. Why do they do it? Why hate you, it is clear.

Areas of interest

Brand Identity focused to the target audience
Making commercials and television themes
Page layout magazines, journals, newspapers, books


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Cinema 4d

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